Bucca – Stage 2

Randalls Road, Bucca will build on Adele’s successful program at Coffs Harbour.

The 95ha property has been purposefully selected and designed as a sustainable working farm to provide practical opportunities for client jobs and skills training.

In close collaboration with Adele’s holistic approach to recovery, the property will provide client involvement in the management of the property and broad ranging skills development and training in agricultural/horticultural, landscape, farm machinery and related disciplines.

The property was chosen for its remote as well as serene characteristics and consists of beautiful grazing land between the gallery forest along the banks of the river and the escarpment forest behind.

  • “Adele will always be special to me because when no-one wanted me and I was lost and sick, Adele took me. Here I found my life and myself and I can honestly say I’m living the dream!”

    Ex-resident 4
  • “Adele taught me how important the balance is between work, exercise and spiritual maintenance – twenty years later I still live by these principles learned during my stay at Adele.”

    Ex-resident 3
  • “Adele’s training classes allowed me to reduce and then to come off my medication. Ultimately they have allowed me to manage my own emotional wellbeing.”

    Ex-resident 2
  • “When I was using my finances were zero and my life was completely unmanageable. The budgeting that I learnt in Adele has allowed me to have financial stability in my life. With financial stability has come manageability and that is key in my relapse prevention strategy.”

    Ex-resident 1